Ireland Travel February / March 2005

Dublin / Glendalough

Planned a week in Dublin to do research at the National Library and National Archives. The weather was a bummer. It snowed, hailed, and sleeted on me until I bought an umbrella. That helped! One of the smartest things I did was order a weeklong bus pass from Dublin Bus - online before I left the US. Never had to worry about the correct change, and I got good at where to get on and off!

My time at the library and archives was fruitful - I found all the microfilm that I needed. Did not find the people though. Often elimination is a good part of research.

One photo from outside the National Library looking at Leinster House with the flag blowing in the breeze during a brief sunny interlude, and one taken in Stephens Green. Does look spring-like!

St. Stephens Green, Dublin

I did get the opportunity to visit Glendalough, south of Dublin in County Wicklow. My tour via Busaras was cancelled because of snow! Found a local bus to Glendalough and took that from Dawson St, the Stephen's Green end. Wicklow Countryside
It was a gorgeous trip. The first photo is Sugarloaf Mountain taken through the bus window. This was my first clue about why the other trip was cancelled. We travelled higher and higher on St. Kevin's Bus, sometimes pulling aside to let traffic coming the other way go by!

Glendalough is gorgeous - high in the mountains with great vistas! It was here that St. Kevin founded a monastery in the sixth century.
River near Glendalough

It was cold and I had to keep going back to the visitors centre to warm my camera and massage my camera battery. I got the last bits of juice from it!

I will let the next photos speak for themselves. I will be as quiet as was the site!
St. Kevin's Kitchen
Round Tower
High Cross
Ancient Doorway
Wicklow Mountains

Time to leave to visit the Ryans in Portumna in County Galway... Clonmacnoise / Kilcormac ~ Portumna ~ Loughglynn


Glendalough , lots of history here.
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