Ireland Travel February / March 2005

Roscommon - Loughglynn / Gortaganny
The Ryans were really great and drove me north from Portumna to County Roscommon - the place my Lowry ancestors most likely lived. On the way we traveled through the fields of Athenry, and stopped in town for a picnic. The locations visited were in westernmost Roscommon; Gort[h]aganny and Loughglynn.

The first place we saw was the Coney Island Bar! It is owned by a cousin of an email friend. He was really surprised when I said I brought greetings from the US!
Gortaganny Boreen

Gorthaganny Church
The name is Church of St. Mary. The original church was built in the 1830s and is preserved as the nave of the present church. The higher section with the belfry was added in the 1880s and the sacristy and choir loft was added in 1930s. It is served by a parish priest from Loughglynn.

Lough Errit
Loughglynn (Laughlin) Church Stained Glass behind the altar

Thanks to Fred Brunner for the additional information on the churches!

Stained glass at the entrance of the church

In 1798 a barn church was built in Loughglynn village near the priest graveyard, by an early monastery. It served the needs until the present Church of Our Lady of Good Counsel was built in 1905 and dedicated in 1906. It was built in a Gothic style featuring a striking octagonal bell turret with a spire, polished granite interior pillars, and richly molded arches.

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