This file was received via a circuitous route! A McGough from Carrickmacross, living in Sweden, wrote to a WWW site in Roscommon written by a Geoghegan, and it was forwarded to me. Great thing this Internet!

"There are two quite distinct Gough surnames in Ireland. The most prominent originates in Wales where it is Coch (meaning "red"). In Ireland it is gaelicised Goch. The name has been in Ireland since the 13th century and it is to that family that the arms on my page [Geoghegan] belongs. These Gough's NEVER have the "Mc" prefix. The second Gough name comes from the Oriel (Fermanagh & Monaghan) Gaelic family originally Mac Eochadha (from Eochaidh an Irish first name from which Geoghegan is also derived). This name is usually anglicized McGeough, but also McGoff and McGough. The dropping of the "Mc" gives rise to inevitable confusion with Gough. Because of the "Mc" prefix and the Monaghan origin, I believe that this is the true root of your surname. A coat of arms for McGeough / McGough / McGoff is attached." Eddie Geoghegan

Several McG[e]oughs have mentioned this possible connection. All the people that I have queried in the ancestry / history field in Monaghan say no.

As to a Coat of Arms, I quote Mr. Geoghegan:

Great care needs to be exercised when identifying with a particular coat of arms. Arms and the right to bear them are granted to individuals by the the Chief Herald of Ireland (or his equivalent in other countries) and only those arms registered with his office can be truly claimed by descendants, if indeed the original bearer extended the right to bear the arms to his family members. Many of the arms depicted here are not officially registered but through the activities of commercial "heraldic" companies, have become generally accepted as relating to particular families. Heraldry

Ann Harney

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