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Drumlins of Monaghan near Ballybay
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This is a compilation of information found over many years and with the help from friends of Monaghan on the Internet. This may help those searching for ancestors in County Monaghan, and those interested in the general history of this area.

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Aughnamullen 1837

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"Colla da Croich (85), was the founder of the Kingdom of Oriel [aka Oriel, Orgiall, Uriel] from whom many Ulster families take their origin. He was the son of Eochy Dubhlen (Dublin) and his mother was Alechia, daughter of Updar, King of Alba (Scotland). Muireadach or Colla da Chrioch (or Facrioch), meaning Colla of the Two Countries, Ireland and Alba, was one of three sons known as The Three Collas from whom descended many noble families of Ireland.

Colla da Chrioch was the first King of Ulster after its conquest by The Three Collas in the 4th century. He was the founder of the Kingdom of Orgiall. The Clan Colla ruled over that Kingdom, and were styled "Kings of Orgiall," down to the twelfth century. Oriel territory takes in the modern Counties Monaghan, Armagh and part of Louth.

Drumlins (hills) of Monaghan, from Ballintra Churchyard

The following are among the families of Ulster and Hy-Maine descended from Colla da Chrioch:
Boylan, Carbery, Cassidy, Corrigan, Corry, Cosgrave, Davin, Davine, Devin, Devine, Devers, Divers, Donegan, Donnelly, Eagan, Enright, Fogarty (of Ulster), Garvey, Gilchreest, Goff, Gough, Hart, Harte, Hartt, Hartte, Higgins, Holland, Holligan, Hoolahan, Hort, Keenan, Kelly, Kennedy, Keogh, Lally, Lannin, Larkin, Laury, Lavan, Lalor, Lawlor, Leahy, Loftus, Loingsy (Lynch), Looney, MacArdle, MacBrock, MacCabe, MacCann, MacCoskar, MacCusker, MacDaniel, MacDonnell (of Clan Kelly), MacEgan, MacGeough, MacGough, MacHugh, MacKenna (of Truagh, Co. Monaghan,), MacMahon (of Ulster), MacManus, MacNeny, MacTague (anglicized Montague), MacTernan, MacTully, Madden, Magrath, Maguire, Malone, MacIvir, MacIvor, Meldon, Mitchell, Mooney, Muldoon, Mullally, Muregan, Naghten, Nawn, Neillan, Norton, O'Brassil, O'Callaghan (of Orgiall), O'Carroll of Oriel (or Louth), O'Connor of Orgiall, O'Duffy, O'Dwyer, O'Flanagan, O'Hanlon, O'Hanratty, O'Hart, O'Kelly, O'Loghnan, O'Loghanan, O'Neny, Oulahan, Rogan, Ronan, Ronayne, Slevine, Tully, etc."

Irish Pedigrees. O'Hart
Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, Dublin 1892, ISBN 0-8063-0737/4 Set Number, ISBN 0-8063-1259-9 Volume 1, Pg. 669-670


See a portion of a map with names of the period 1300-1600. Note below that some of these county names did not exist until the early 1500's.

from Irish Pedigrees, Vol. 2, Pg. 680., The old counties of the Ulster province were; Louth, Down, and Antrim. The new counties created in 1584; Monaghan, Tyrone, Armagh, Coleraine, Donegal, Fermanagh, Cavan.

The Monaghan Baronies map with civil parishes.

"The Barony of Cremorne in Monaghan," writes Dr. Joyce, "preserves the name of the ancient district of CriochMughdhorn or Cree-Mourne, i.e., the country (crioch) of the people called Mughdorna, who were descended and named from Mughdorn (or Mourne), the son of Colla Meann."

MUGHDORNA: Colla Meann was father of MUGHDORN or Cree-Mourne, i.e. the (crioch or) country of the people called Mughdorna. The name of the ancient district is preserved in the word Cremorne, the name of a barony in Co. Monaghan.

Monaghan Estates map of the mid-ninteenth century.

A list of church registers (all denominations) and dates in County Monaghan.

1837 descriptions of some of the towns within County Monaghan and books on the subject, mostly unavailable!

There is a search engine online for Irish county townlands. Some townland names show up on maps and in lists, others do not. Placename search for all the island is available from the Irish Times.

McGeough the name . . .