Drumsnat Parish 1844 Parliamentary Gazetteer of Ireland
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DRUMSNAT, a parish, 4.5 miles south-south-west of Monaghan, barony and county of Monaghan, Ulster. Length, 5 miles; breadth ,1.5 mile; area 5,019 acres. Pop., in 1831 , 3,11; in 1841, 3,439. Houses 626. The land is moderately good, and yields an average rent of 28 shillings per plantation acre. A great tract of bog lies in the west, and a considerable tract in the south. There are 2 large and 6 small lakes.

The demesnes are Thornhill, Aghnamalla, and Brookvale. The road from Monaghan to Cootehill passes through the interior.__ This parish is a vicarage , and a separate benefice , in th dio. of Clogher. Vicarial tithe composition , 83 pounds 1 shilling and sixpence halfpenny; glebe 35 pounds. Gross income 118 pounds 1 shilling and sixpence halfpenny. Patron , the diocesan. The rectorial tithes are comprised for 106 pounds 3 shillings and one penny; and are impropriate in Sir Thomas Lennard.

The church was built in 1802, at a cost of the late Board of First Fruits . Sittings 240; attendance 260. The Roman Catholic chapel has an attendance of 1,200; and ,in the Roman Catholic parochial arrangement, is united to the chapel of Kilmore . In 1834, the parishioners consisted of 521 Churchmen, 198 Presbyterians, and 2,797 Roman Catholic; a Sunday school was usually attended by 60 children ; and 7 daily schools__ 3 of which were connected with the National Board , and 1 with the London Hibernian Society__ had on their books 446 boys and 192 girls. 1844 Parliamentary Gazetteer of Ireland
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