Research in Dublin:

I had great results on my County Monaghan family and history research while in Dublin. This was in great part due to the fact that I did lots of research prior to my trip. I knew just what records that I wished to see. At the National Archives, there are transportation records. I used the CFR number given for a possible ancestor and got the original handwritten records to view. Within two hours I had also searched the Surname Index to the 1796 Flax Seed Premium Entitlement Lists, aka Spinning Wheel Lists, and the 1829 Tithe Applotment Lists for the four names and parishes on my family list.

At the National Library I started reading Parish Registers on microfilm. That was a task! The film is difficult to read, as would be the originals. Some of the ink had completely faded, so many records are lost. In over two hours I had only looked at about 10% of the film. The baptismal records show the childs name and the sponsors only. Did not even get to the marriage records. I do know that I can get microfilm at the Mormon FHL Monaghan Catholic Registers.

Another interest in the general history of County Monaghan lead me to a search on the Ordnance Survey done c1838. I was able to get a copy of O'Donovan's "Letters Containing information relative to the antiquities of the counties of Armagh and Monaghan collected during the progress of the Ordnance Survey in 1835". The Ordnance Survey Memoirs will be published this summer.

I had a grand visit in Ireland. Met some great people, and went to wonderful places. See Virtual Travel or Planning Travel Online. I share an experience regarding auto rentals. It is a Caveat Emptor for those planning to rent cars. Most do not have "the troubles" that I experienced: just read the fine print, or know that you may be abandoned at great cost to yourself.

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