The earliest reference of which I am aware is in 1592 when a pardon was granted to a Henry Mageogh. Spelled Magcogh in The Monaghan Story by Peader Livingstone.

There were 10 McGeough's listed in the 1659 county census. Spelled McCough by Livingstone in The Monaghan Story

The Hearthmoney Rolls of 1663 and 1665, arranged by surname, Christian name, townland, parish, barony, and year:

McGeogh, Bryan, Latton, Aughnamullen, Cremorne, 1663
", Bryan, Lisdrumcleve, Aughnaullen, Cremorne, 1663, 1665
", Patrick, Corratanty, Muchnoe, Cremorne, 1663
", Patrick, Lisnagillagh, Aughnamullen, Cremorne, 1665
", Torlogh, Drumlurg, Donaghmoyne, Farney, 1663
", Torlogh, Elvey, Errigal Trough, Trough, 1665

McGeough, Bryan, Davagh Itra, Errigal Trough, Trough, 1665
", Bryan, Lishnagillagh, Aughnamullen, Cremorne, 1665
", Dunsleve, Glasmullagh, Errigal Trough, Trough, 1665
", Hugh, Monagor, Clontibret, Cremorne, 1665
", Patrick, Killygola, Mucknoe, Cremorne, 1665
", Phelime, Carlagan N., Clontibret, Cremorne, 1665
", Shane Bane, Ballingary, Killany, Farney, 1663
", Torlogh, Tulleinane, Mucknoe, Cremorne, 1663

Link to full Hearth Money Roll 1663-1665, Monaghan

Circa 1704, in the parish of Errigle, the priest, Rev. James Treanor, residing at Dunmadigan, was insured by John Treanor, Cloghnart and Patrick McGeough, Tonnynumery (Errigal Truagh).

Flax Growers List 1796 - County Monaghan

Search Griffiths Valuation 1848-1864, all counties!

In 1762, . . . Rev. John Wesley . . . had to preach in the avenue of a merchant named McGeough [in Armagh]

Ref: History of Monaghan for Two Hundred Years 1660-1860, by Denis Carolan Rushe.
See the history page for the address to order this book.

 From The Monaghan Story by Peader Livingstone: John McGeough of Annagleve (Muckno); d.1960. Monaghan's most famous athete of the 20th century. Emigrated to Scotland at age 7. Was mile champion there from 1902 to 1907 and in 1910. Gold medal winner in the London Olympic Games in and a silver in the Athens Olympic Games in the 1500 metres. After his return to Anngleve he became masseur to football teams and did that with the Cavan team winners at the All-Irish games at the Polo Grounds in New York, 1947. p.515

 The 1887 evictions: Baliffs had to force the door of Michael McGeough of Cornasleeve (Donaghamoyne). His daughters were arrested for un-complimentary remarks about the agent's appearance. When police seized his white goat, the bands struck up "The Peeler and The Goat" and "Harvey Dubh". p.350 [The "bands" were the anti-eviction organization called "The Plan of Campaign". They followed the baliffs on their eviction rounds and sometimes gave the tenants money to pay their rents, harrassed the police, etc.]

The 1970 Register of Electorate lists McGeough (Mac Eochadha) as the 40th most common family in Monaghan, the name probably deriving from the MacMahon's. Distribution of this family is; 39 North, 41 Central, 12 West, 58 in the South.
Thanks to Patrick Traynor for extracting this from this book that is out of print!

I have suggestions that my McGeough ancestors came from Beal Atha Beithe, Ballybay, Irish for the mouth of the ford of the birches, and Castleblayney in County Monaghan, Ireland. My Connolly's are from Ballybay, and my Floody ancestors are from Achadh an Mullen, - Aughnamullen, meaning the field of the mills - all within hiking distance with a pair of stout boots. I have no information on the Smyth line, other than a story that Bridget Smyth was "to the manor born."

Recent photo of the Monaghan countryside near Ballintra, outside of Ballybay. Countryside in County Monaghan

In all the family surnames there is reference to the parish of Aughnamullen, and to the townland of Latton. This is the steeple (c. 1823) of St. Mary's Church in Latton. St. Mary's Church, Latton, Co. Monaghan

Arthur & Annie (Connolly) McGeough came to the United States and settled in West Warwick (Kent County), Rhode Island. Their first child born in the US was Peter James McGeough, b 20 Sept 1869 in (Phoenix) West Warwick (then Warwick), Rhode Island. The baptismal record has the name as Goff, confirmation records as Gough, and the 1870 US Census lists the family under the name Goff. Subsequent records are listed as McGough and McGeough. Peter was married as McGeough. Most of this information was gleaned from US Census - many hours at the National Archives - and B/M/D certificates. See the family tree.

Connolly The Connolly's (O Conaile) of Monaghan seem to have descended from Cu Uladh MacMahon. They are the 3rd most common family name in Monaghan, and by most accounts, seem to have been pretty powerful, having had their own chieftain (Ua Connalaigh...."the Connolly" roughly translated) by the early 1500's. The Connolly's also held many important positions during the 15-17th Centuries.
from The Monaghan Story.
The Hearthmoney Rolls of 1663-1665 lists 80 O'Connolly names.

Floody I have a record of Patrick Floody on the 1828 Tithe records as holding land in Anny along with Polly Floody, and in the 1861 Griffith Valuation, a Patrick, on the seemingly same land. Listed in the Transportation Records is a Patrick Floody in 1835.

Smyth The Hearthmoney Rolls of 1663 and 1665 lists two persons of the name Smyth, the name of Planters: Smyth, Robert, Mullanacask, Errigal Trough, Trough, 1665
Roger, Drumagalvin, Balltraboy (Roslea) etc., Monaghan, 1663 (2) and 1665 (2)

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