County Monaghan Estates Mid Nineteenth Century

Estate Index

Anketell, William
Bath, Marquis of
Brownlow, William
Dawson (Lord Cremorne)
Forster, Sir George (Fo 1)
Forster, William (Fo 2)
Hope, Ann Adile
Hamilton, James
Ker, Andrew
Lennard, Sir T. B.
Leslie, Sir John
Leslie, Emily (Les 2)
Lewis, Henry
Lucas, Edward
Madden, John
Plunket, R. Hon.
Rose, Gertrude
Rossmore, Lord
Shirley, Evelyn P.
Shirley, Horation (Sh 2)
Singleton, Thos. Crawford
Templetown, Viscount
Tennison, William
Verner, Sir William
Woodwright, William

Evolution of Estate Properties in South Ulster 1600-1900, an essay by P. J. Duffy in "Common Ground", a collection of essays on Irish Historical Geography, edited by T. Jones Hughes. Published in 1988 by Cork University Press.

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