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The LDS (Mormon Church) has Family History Centers in many of their churches around the world. The Church has fiched and filmed many, many civil and parochial records from all over the world. A good resource! I believe the cost differs at each center, but it is far less than the cost of a plane ticket to the land of your ancestors. Look in your telephone book under Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Call to see if they have a Family History Center.
The following is a list of film / fiche that I have searched. I would appreciate contributions to this list as relates to County Monaghan, along with your comments.

FHC Film / Fiche # Titled by FHC Description
? LDS. (Old Age Pension Claims, 1908-1922) Extracts from 1841/51 Census transcribed from 1908-1922 as proof of age for pension claims in Ireland
0476999 Special Report on Surnames, Matheson, 1894 If you do not know which part of Ireland your ancestors lived, check this film for incidence of surnames in specific counties.
25 microfiche sheets
1844 Parliamentary Gazatteer Great descriptions of parishes in 1844.
Contents: v. 1. A-Arm, v. 2. Arm-Car, v. 3. Car-Cus, v. 4. Dal-Gal, v. 5. Gal-Kil, v. 6. Kil-Mag, v. 7. Mag-Rap, v. 8. Rap-Tib, v. 9. Tib-You, v. 10. You to Z and index.
0924648 Census of 1659 Incidence of Irish names in counties, and "Titulado": principal person in county, not necessarily the landowners. Includes some material for poll money ordinances 1660-61. Published by Pender in 1939. Interesting, but only principals listed!
1279320 Rosscoman (sp? Rossman,Roscommon, 1859), Dawson, and Leslie Estate Papers. Never know what you will find! Includes papers mentioned with maps of townlands and tenants names, and the Castleblayney Work House (PLU -file coming). Clones Petty Session of 1871, the Monaghan Yeoman Corp and more. Holdings of the Monaghan Museum.
0973307 O'Hart's Irish Pedigrees Entire book microfilmed. Two volumes 900+ pages each. Will do in a pinch. Best to find a hard copy in a library!
6342438-6343060, series of 70+ fiche #'s Monaghan is #6342445 Townland Maps of Irish Parishes Hand drawn and lettered. Not always accurate. Will do for a visual reference. See an example.
0863889 Electoral Division of Anny Yet another civil division of townlands and parishes. Found this a good resource for tenants on townlands. Dated pre 1863 forward.
6342590 (five fiche) Surname Index, pub.1861 Griffith, County Monaghan Have not come in as yet; no comment!
1419442 Surname Index to the Linen Industry, (Spinning Wheel List) 1796 Surname and townland only. McG[e]ough is posted
0844991 General Valuation, Griffiths, 1858- 60 in Monaghan It lists the lessors (not the same as the owner) and lessees of all property in the country. See Griffiths dates on Irishlinks page. Gives townland broken down by Poor Law Union (PLU).
1279323 - also see below - new Letters. . ., Armagh, Monaghan So far I found the "Tythe Composition Book of Curren Parish, Clogher; accounts of a workhouse (Castleblayney PLU during 1840-50'ties). The names of the board and suppliers are easy to read. Handwritten account of petitioners very difficult to read. Would be good to find another copy. Will do if your family is from this area!
On the same film are the PRONI holdings of the Shirley Estate Papers. Great resource for the Barony of Farney. There are extracts that give lots of history. Good read - if you remember that f is s!
Another find on the same film is a compilation of letters written by John O'Donovan during the Ordinance survey of 1835. Good read with lots of historical references!
The Tithe Applotment Books for Errigal Trough for 1826 are listed also. Very difficult to read, but worth it if your family is from that parish.
0990442 List of Irish Catholic Records Not sent. Noted as "not available." Why?
0101343 / 0101345 Ireland Marriages,
County Monaghan 1853
Need notes here
Numbers missing?
Irish Townland Maps [See Aughnamullen above.]
Antrim, Armagh, Cavan (total 5 fiche)
Donegal, Down and Fermanagh, Londonderry (7 fiche)
Galway, Leitrim, Mayo, Roscommon (online at the core site), Sligo (14)
County Clare (3 fiche)
County Waterford (3 fiche)
Cork East (4)
Cork Middle and West (6)
Kerry, Kildare, Limerick, Louth, Meath, Tipperary North and South, Wicklow (33)
1279323- see above listed also Curren Parish June 23 1827
Errigal Parish July 1 1826
Clontibret Parish Sept. 1830 or 1839 (tough handwriting)
Thanks to Jim McArdle in Canada
1279239 The publication MACALLA V1 No. 2 with some Tedavent [Tydavnet] Estate Rental info Nov. 1840
0979706 Catholic Church Parish Registers of Errigal Trough 1835-1881 Thanks to Joan Sullivan in California
0979708 NIR: Tyrone Catholic Church, Parish of Dungannon (Tyrone & Armagh) on two microfilm reels* Parish registers 1821-1836
0926048 A[u]ghnamullen East (Lough Egish) Two films: Bapt/M/Funerals 1857-1876:
Baptisms 1878-1880;
Marriages: 1878-1880
0897416 Clones church records 1682-1900 thanks to Iva Arpin, CT
0101041 Birth Index 1864 Film numbers continue from here
Fiche 6035573 Ireland-Census 1821 Gertrude Thrift:Indexes to census abstracts for 1821, 1841 and 1851. Lists husband and wife, no children. The full extract with ages and children's names is available on FHC microfilm #596418, Item 2
Film 596418 Item 2 Thrift Extracts, Census Abstracts For 1821 Monaghan County parishes of Donagh, Kilmore, Tydavnet (and possibly others). Provides names, ages, and occupation for all family members and servants, and sometimes identifies property size.
Film 1279321 Miscellaneous Land Records, County Monaghan 1704-1873 Deeds, mortgages, leases and title abstracts.
Film 1279322 Miscellaneous Land Records From County Monaghan deeds, leases, title abstracts, marriage settlements, etc
Fiche 6020301 Monaghan County Parish Maps Thanks to halbaird@juno.com for the above and below 8 sources!
Film 1279238 Linen List - "Spinning Wheel" List List of persons receiving flax seed premiums in 1796
Film 0867536 Valuation Lists For Monaghan County - Scotstown 1860-1937 Covers 48 townships in Scotstown
Film 0867537 Valuation Lists For Monaghan County Sheskin and Tedavnet 1860-1966
To be continued and corrected!
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