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Ulster History

Glens of Antrim History Great site!

Ulster Historical Foundation promoting interest in Irish history and genealogy

Ulster American Folk Park T-rific site in County Tyrone!


National Archives of Ireland

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Facts about Ireland PRONI Public Records of Northern Ireland
Irish Family History Centers
Ulster Irish Names:
Are you a Beagan wanna be?
Historical notes from Monaghan and Cavan.

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Mormon FHC film/fiche on Monaghan

Coogan of County MonaghanMcGeough - County Monaghan

McConville : Claire McConville had a very comprehensive website with many interesting files for those with Fermanagh and Monaghan interests.

McKenna of Monaghan & Tyrone

Tierney's of Monaghan

Irish Townland Search

Irish Times Ancestors and Ulster Resources

Flax Growers of Ireland, 1796 Choose your county

Hearth Money Rolls - Monaghan

Maps - Google has street views of Ireland New

Ulster Sites for Family Research:
Kevin's Cavan
Touring Northern Ireland  

Two great resources for finding ancestors in Ireland are:
The Tithe Applotment Lists: Those on land expected to pay tithes to support the Church of Ireland. The lists only include names and parishes. The dates for the counties are as follows:
Antrim 1824-34
Armagh 1825-35
Carlow 1821-37
Cavan 1823-27
Clare 1814-43
Cork 1823-37
Derry 1823-28
Donegal 1825-36
Down 1823-37
Dublin 1823-37
Fermanagh 1823-37
Galway 1824-44
Kerry 1823-37
Kildare 1823-37
Kilkenny 1823-38
Laois (Queens) 1823-38
Leitrim 1823-38
Limerick 1823-38
Longford 1823-38
Louth 1823-38
Mayo 1823-38
Meath 1823-38
Monaghan 1823-38
Offaly (King's) 1823-38
Roscommon 1823-38
Sligo 1823-37
Tipperary 1823-38
Tyrone 1823-38
Waterford 1823-38
Westmeath 1823-34
Wexford 1823-38
Wicklow 1824-37
Griffiths Valuation, a property assessment of all properties in Ireland, took place during the years 1848 to 1864. They began in the south of Ireland and ended in Ulster. It lists the lessors (not the same as the owner) and lessees of all property in the country. It is the primary 19th Irish reference in which the poor are likely to be found. FHC Film # 0844991. Griffith's was actually taken in the counties as follows:
Antrim 1861-62
Armagh 1864
Carlow 1852-53
Cavan 1856-57
Clare 1855
Cork 1851-53
Derry 1858-59
Donegal 1857

Down 1863-64
Dublin 1848-51
Dublin City 1851
Fermanagh 1862
Galway 1855
Kerry 1852
Kildare 1851
Kilkenny 1849-50
Laois (Queen's) 1858-60
Leitrim 1856
Limerick 1851-52
Longford 1854
Louth 1854
Mayo 1856-57
Meath 1855
Monaghan 1858-60
Offaly 1864 (King's)
Roscommon 1857-58
Sligo 1858
Tipperary 1851
Tyrone 1860
Waterford 1848-51
Westmeath 1854
Wexford 1853
Wicklow 1852-53

Thanks to ptraynor in Gold Rush Country for the above information.

These resources are available in Ireland, and major libraries around the world on microfiche / film. There is an index, and county volumes are available. The Family History Centers , of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints have copies of almost all genealogical resources from around the world. See link in the list above for Irish searching there.

For those interested in Ulster History check out: PRONI, Public Record Office of No. Ireland in Belfast. Great historical information and resources.
Brownlow, Dawson, Leslie, Rossmore, and McGeough-Bond records there contain information on holdings in Monaghan, Tyrone, Armagh, and elsewhere. Look under collections. The Annesley Books of Survey and Distribution sound interesting.

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