McGeough Early Images

McGeough's from Rhode Island and Monaghan, IE

1. Arthur Earl McGeough
    b. 2 November 1903, East Greenwich, Rhode Island
    m. November 1933, Connecticut: Annie Sullivan
    d. 1 December 1973, Providence, RI
    b. St. Patrick's Cemetery, East Greenwich, RI.

2. Peter James     
    	Siblings born in IE: Frank, b. c 1855 (m. Mary Floody 1883), 
	Michael b. Jan, 1856, Mary b. 1857, 
	Bridget b. 20 May 1863,  
	Anne b. 25 Feb, 1866, Co. Monaghan
    b. 20 September 1869, Phoenix, RI, as Peter James Goff 
    c. 21 September 1869 as Peter James Gough 
    Sponsors: Mary Conley, Peter Clarke
    m. 28 June 1900, St. Joseph's, Providence, RI 
    Witnesses: John MacDonald, Rose MacMahon
    d. 20 January 1953, St. Patricks Cemetery, East G, RI 

3. Rose Smyth Floody See Floody Family
      Siblings: Mary b. c 1861, 
      John - to England, returned to IR and brought his Mother to Newcastle,England 
      Peter - to AU,  
      Celia, Eliza 15 Aug. 1865, 
      Thomas b. 17 July 1866 - to US, Dennis 1 March 1870, 
      Denis, b. 4 Sep 1871 to England
      Michael Floody b. 6 May 1873 to US 
      Alice b. 8 Aug 1877  to England, then US?
      Bridget b. 19 May 1879
    	b. 20 December 1874, Latton (Anny), 
    	Aughnamullen, Co. Monaghan, Ireland
    	d. 25 September 1937, Pawtucket, RI, 
    	e. 1890'ties with Rose MacMahon and Rose Fitzpatrick
    	b. St. Patricks Cemetery, East Greenwich, RI

     6. Patrick Floody Floody Canvas Painting
       	b. c. 1841
       	d. 24 May 1894, aged 63 years 
       	Anny, Aughnamullen  West, County Monagan, IR

7. Bridget Smyth b. Monaghan, IR d. after 1894 b. England (lived w/John Floody) 4. Arthur McGeough Siblings: Peter, changed his name to Goff, w/Boston Globe, (Fr's Austin and Cecil, Franciscan Order /sister Mary) b. 2/3 July 1840/1, Monaghan, Ireland m. Monaghan, Ireland e: 1866/8 d. 12 October 1893, b. Pawtucket, RI 8. Frank McGeough 9. Agnes 5. Annie (Nancy) Connolly b.c January 1840 d. 09 April 1906, (siblings: Mary Margaret, b. c 1855 IE, m. Andrew Cavanaugh) Patrick Connolly b c 1831 IE, d, Nov 1857 buried St. Mary's, West Warwick, Rhode Island m. Mary Kelly (sp) 11. Michael / Bridget Connolly

Index to Births for the years 1864-1874 - Armagh: 
Michael Floody of Clogher, Co. Louth/Bridget McGeough, dau. Rose Floody  
Index for Co. Louth, in the Parish of Clogher: Laurence Floody. 
He occupied a house and small garden in the town of Clogher 
and had a garden in Harbour Real(?)

Irish Catholic Directory: Post Town - Latton, Parish - Aughnamullen
Index of Surnames for Monaghan: 1858- Parish of Aughnamullen: 
Patrick Floody, house and ten acres in Anny. 
Denis, house and 13 acres in Mullinary Glebe.
Tithe books of 1829 (Page 2), Patrick held five acres in Anny, 
Polly Floody held five acres also. Tax 7/17/6.
Lessor Robert Thompson.  
The name also found in the parish of Maghaross in 1828.

Sources: General Register: Index of Births, 1864-74
Public Record Office: Index of Surnames for Armagh, Louth and Monaghan.
Index of Townlands; Catholic Directory - 1847.
Lewis: Topographical Dictionary, 1837
Griffith: Primary Valuation in: Louth, Barony of Ferrard
	  Primary Valuation in Monaghan, PV. 23/4 Barony of Cremorne	
From the Genealogical Office, Dublin Castle, Jan 1978

Peter Connoly / Anne McGeough s. Patrick Connolly 14 Feb 1866 in Ballybay. 
[Ann Magno]
McGeough Bond
Argory House Moy, Armagh 
donated to the National Trust by the McGeough Bond family.

Walter William Adrien McGeough Bond of Armagh City: 
barrister and a judge in Egypt from 1888-99 
b. 1857 of Joshua McGeough Bond / Albertine Shanahan

Walter McGeough Bond of Drumsill, Silver Bridge, Co. Armagh. 
Barrister and High Sheriff of Armagh in 1819. 
BA from Trinity College and assumed the name Bond by Royal License in 1824. 
His gfather William, married Elizabeth Bond, 
only child of William Bond of Armagh City.

Joshua Macgeough 1683 - 28 March 1756 Drumsill
Early references to the name McGeough
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