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Flax Seed Lists 1796

Tithe Applotment 1829

Aghnamullen W Parish Register Births 1841+

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McG[e]ough's all 1829 - 1860

in Lynn,Mass. (unreachable 12.07)
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McGeough in N Y City area

McGeough in Wisconsin

McGough in Wisconsin / PA.

John McGough landed in Charleston in the 1760s


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What's in a name?

History, people, places and knowledge!

The Internet is a great way to search for ancestors and relatives. I have recently met newly found relatives, from an Internet search on the above surname. I received email one night from a stranger, asking if we might be related. Indeed we are. They live about 100 miles from me. We have visited and they brought me early photos of my family that I had never seen! See Family Images

Many use Roots Surname List. Others search engines, Search.com, Four11 and WhoWhere locaters for living "wired" persons. Some search the WWW on the name McGeough, McGough, or on County Monaghan.

I have visited in Monaghan several times since 1997. Had a great time and met some grand people. About twenty more trips are in order!

All my family names are all indigenous to County Monaghan, Ireland. Check out a map of your ancestors home turf at Mapquest.

There are many names that are corruptions of the original, due to lack of spelling knowledge on the part of the families themselves, or the person logging the name to an official document.

Do consider all possible variations on a name, including very phonetic pronunciations. The name has evolved into many variations, including Magough, McGeogh, McGeough, McGough, McGoff, Goff, Gough, McCue, McGue; the list goes on.

For further information email Ann Harney, aka Nancy McGeough, Virginia, US.

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