Monaghan Verse
An Exile Remembers

"For those who know it well, Monaghan town is the homeliest* place on earth. Even in the 19th century when party feeling ran high the general body of inhabitants always had much In common. They could aIways have a laugh at the local characters; they could as always reminisce when they met abroad. The following verse was printed In a Toronto newspaper in 1879 and refers to Monaghan as it was fifty years earlier [1849], at the height of the Catholic Emancipation controversy. Townsfolk of the older generation will recognize many of the surnames." From a booklet, "A Souvenir of Monaghan", Oct. 1968


Robinsons Bartleys, McAdams and Horners,
Adams, Llttles, McMorrans and Warners
Kennedys, Duffys, Flemings and Wrights
Battersleys, Johnstons. Klngs and McKnights
Peter McIntee, and Peter McQuald,
James Ross, Murrays, and old Sam Moorhead,
Brownrigg, Armstrong, Burns and Miles,
Gilhoohy, McPbililps, Warren and Giles,
Frank West, Nat Greacen and Naked truth Sloan,
Three honest Quakers, the people did own,
Mltchel and Henry made harness and saddles,
Jno. Lewers sold hardware as well as the Waddels.


Murrays, McDowells, Gillanders the doctors,
Jebb and Burnell, and Mltchell the proctors,
Flemming, Reilly, Mltchell, Wright,
Swanzy, Dudgeon, Nunn and Knight,
Attorneys always silly gr1nning
While they thelr clients cash were w1nning,
Mrs Buckley, and Molly Murray
Were often sent for In a hurry.


Herinngton, Richardson, Preston and Hoy,
Gorman and King, Tom Smith and his boy.


McFadyens, McAleers, McCorleys, McKowns,
McGralns and Macklins, Murphys and Owens.


Phill. Skelton, Tom. Shaw, and Henry Molloy,
Pat. Duffy, Jack Taggart, Agnew and his boy.


Cassidays, Brown, McManus, McGuire,
McGuiggan and Thomas, Jno. Simpson and Sire

Deformed Citizens

Wooden legs Wilson and gallant old Davy,
One served In the Army, and one In the Navy,
Lord Doyle, Lord Mullen, and Jame (tailor) Keenan,
Crooked legs Rafferty, Campbell and Greenan,
Fisty Holland, lame Wright, and Crutchy McGinn,
One armed Mohan, and schoolmaster Quln, McCaffrey and Harry who never could see,
Both played the fiddle for many a spree,
Reely McGuire, Crittion Nlxon Wet Sowl, Nancy Niblock and Billy the Bowl.


Dlck the Whip, and nimble Dick
Leggy, Harry, Bob and Nick,
Jemmy the joiner, and Robin McGlone
McAdam the painter, and John and James Moan,
D. Rogers, Tom Corley, and Owen McAloon,
Dandy Conly, Matt Smith and Mr. Muldoon,
Old Billy Sarsfield by music did well!
Lame Jemmy Hunt, who rung the church bell,
Peter, Jommy and Paddy Doogan,
Painter Coyle and blacksmith Coogan.
Bully McKenna and Wapper O`Hare
Murphy the buffer, Paddy Brennan the bear,
Blind Sam, Red Peter, Buck and Doe,
Blind John, Tom Drum and McIndoe,

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Traynor the skinman, and Larry the lamp,
Kelly the colt, and Meighan the scamp,
Paddy Pigtrough, and Bangbeggar Muck,
The crooked neck dandy, and Paddy bad luck.
Hudy Owens and Jem Farley, grippers of men,
Bill Kavanagh did private jobs now and then,
Sam Murdoch, Sam Lomb, Sam Hill and Sam Green,
Not one of them now Is a subject to our Queen;
Ben Glover, Ben Hethers, Ben Fidler, Ben Glass,
All very divergent in habits and class;
Bill Hartley. Bill Donaghu and Billy McQuade,
Bill Archer who worked at the hatting trade.
Paddy Sherry, Paddy Higgins and Paddy McBride,
And many another Paddy beside,
Neddy Breen. Neddy Kelly and Neddy the snake.
Fodhicun, Lauybug and Hollis the rake,
McGuires, Lougheeds and Connors the nailers,
Dummy Mackey, and Martin and Conlys the tailors,
Buck McArdle and Murty Devine,
Also engaged in the tailoring line,
Hewitt and Wynn, Tom Johnston and Hughes,
And Sporty McKenna who made boots and shoes,
Broguers, Mulligan Glancy and Peter McCue,
Pat Fowley, Tom Boyle and Tim Wynn too.
Joshua Turtle, and Nosey Jones.
Barney, Harry and Willy Owens,
Willy always work'd by rule,
Nigh 40 years he drove one mule.
And many years they both did pass
Buljer Hughes with Breckly's ass
Messrs. Warren, Sheridan and Burnell,
Flemings, Jacksons, Youngs as well,
Miss Qulgley too lived on the hill,
Not one of them resides there still
McMahon, Bleckly, Quin by rule,
As Mooney, Kelly, Smith, taught school.
Harry McCabe, John, Peter and Nelly,
Pat, Cupid, Miles and Chandler Kelly,
Nelly McCabe, at the sign of the rat,
Frank Traynor as blind as a cat in a hat.
Long John McCormick and Harry the spinner
Barber McCabe and Hogan the skinner,
Ned, Pat, and Jack Mullen and Matt. McAree,
McAleers, Willy Flemming and Phill. McEntee.
Rough Jemmy, ten toes, and several Conlys,
The Carrolls, McEnallys, and all the Donlys,
Baxter and Latimers, grave and gay
Working at watches every day,
Jemmy Beatty, Johnny and Sally.
Batt. Donaghy and Barney McEnally.
Dick. Skelton. Den. Brennan and Matt. Valleley
Robin Murtha, B. Burrows, John and Terry McVey,
Long Jemmy McGurk sold brewery grains
Oyney the grub by whiskey made gains,
The blind ram and plumper McAuley.
Hacklers McGuinnis, McNulty and Dawley
Bloocher Smith and Charley McDonnell
Black Jack O'Neil and Droll John McConnell
Tommy Duckegg and Jackey the jar
The town sergeant and Nettler Carr.
Kelley the church clerk and Hillard the nailor,
Bull Stewart, Sam Short and Johnny the jailor.
Ben and Bob Robinson, and old Watty Bell
The Clarks and the Parkers were known very well,
The steam cobbler and Frank of the roost,
The iron tailor and Ben Hair's ghost.
Wabblety Ryan, and Jemmy the stone,
Billy the Butt and Paddy McKown.
Andy Goodwin and Sammy Dance,
Pexo Harton, well known at a glance,
Dancing Pat and Blamis Joe Moore,
Ardahy and Tricker, and Dennis the bore,
Din Carrol, Tom Turner and Ned Hill
And many others who used to swill.
Jemmy Fagan and Jemmy Rule,
Cordell the horse breaker was no fool.
Patt. and Bartley. Jim and Dan
Mary, Bessy, Sally Ann.
For Padley, Jackie, Spruce and Tom,
Blind Jennie she bound shoes at home.

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Sally Lamb and goat-skin
Ram-skin Rose and kid-skin Ann.
Ned Logan and Hanna McCappin
Molly Boylean and Nelly Rockin
Bel Dickey and Nelly Woods,
Nailors ways next Billy Goods,
Tinker McCabe, and Sarsfield's red Will,
Nicholas the sweep and Toll Bar McGill,
Budgy Bet Martin, and Johny McGuire,
Betsatan, Betughy and Hanlon the Dyer,
The Runnahans, Plunkets and Jemmy Carr,
The Monagans, Hewstons and Mrs. Dunbar,
Davy Creed, Dick McCabe and Archy Hoy,
Tom Connor. Tom l oughran and Con Malloy,
Murdoch the ragman Robin Ross and Cheap John,
Dealers in small wares all faded and gone,
Tommy Rooney and Johnny Mulgrew,
Hucksters cute with friends not few,
Jack Irwin and Tom Brown
Carried letters through the town,
Tommy Stewart and James Lougheed,
Orange and purple in thought and deed,
Jack McCracken and Sam Dinwoody
Never did harm to anybody,
Jack Downey and Robin Owens,
Whose business was with slates and stones,
Andy Wright and Tommy Howe
Never, never raised a row,
Bobby Stewart played the fife
For many processions in his life,
And many more who made their gains
By cows and pigs and brewery grains,
By eating houses and dry lodging,
And other modes of clever dodging,
Pedlars pensioners, artful dodgers,
Paupers, trampers, and dry lodgers,
Hangers-on and ballad singers,
Omadhawns and town bell-ringers.
From Monaghan they have crossed the bourne,
From whence no traveller will return.
Toronto, June, 1879.

* US translation is homey (comfortable).
Thanks to Ray Greenan for sending me this verse.

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