Surname Index to the 1796 Flax Seed Premium Entitlement Lists
Government grants of spinning wheels to those growing certain quantities of flax for the linen trade. The list of persons receiving same are recorded by name, parish and county.
The name and location of McG[e]ough as written.
Parishes listed are Co. Monaghan unless otherwise noted. (NA, Dublin, March '98)

Catharine M'Geough Killany M'Gough, Andrew Louth, Louth
M'Geough Edward Enniskeen M'Gough, James Termenfecken, Louth
M'Geough Francis Muckno M'Gough, James Hagardstown, Louth
M'Geough Francis, Jr. Muckno M'Gough, John Dunnamine [Donaghamoyne]
M'Geough, Hugh Dunnamine [Donaghamoyne] Mc'Gough, Michael Faughart, Louth
M'Geough, Laurence Enniskeen M'Gough, Owen Harardstown, Louth
M'Geough, Matthew Enniskeen M'Gough, Patrick Enniskeen, Cavan (?)
M'Geough, Michael Clentibart [Clontibret] M'Gough, Terence Faughart, Louth
M'Geough, Michael Enniskeen M'Gough, Terence Aughalow, Tyrone
M'Geough Owen Clentibart M'Gough, William Aughalow, Tyrone
M'Geough, Patrick       Armagh Magough [McGough], LoughlinLouth (34775)
M'Geough, Patrick Dunamine Mageough (McGeough), JamesLouth (32878)
M'Geough, PatrickEmatris Magough, Thomas Louth (33139)
M'Geough, PatrickMuckno Megeough (McGeough], RoseLouth (32884)
M'Geough, RichardErigal Megough [McGough], ArthurTyrone (50210)
M'Geough, RoseAughnamullin Above additions from - the numeric references are to holdings of the Ulster Historical Foundation For a fee of $25US / 15 they will send the location of the person. I cannot find this on the new website . . . [Ann]
M'Geough, TerenceDunnamine
M'Geough, TerenceEmatris
M'Geough, ThomasKildemuck, Louth
M'Geough, Thomas Clentibart
M'Geough, WilliamAughnamullin

Ann Harney

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