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Ireland '99
I flew into Dublin, and spent arrival day reading microfilm at the National Archives until I caught myself falling out of the chair! The next day I walked to the Irish Life Center and the Valuation Office. Purchased copies of the Griffiths Valuation Maps, enlarged sections of the particular OS map of my ancestors "home place".
Old Ulster Canal Bridge
Across the old Ulster Canal Bridge
Willow Bridge Lodge
Holden's Front View - Armagh Road
Overlooking the bed of the old Ulster Canal with sheep feeding.

I stayed outside Monaghan Town with the Holdens at Willow Bridge Lodge, grand B & B overlooking a field of sheep! Spent an evening at a line dance competition —cowboy boots and hats galore! Thought I was in Texas!

Whilst there Plunkett McKenna of Emyvale gratiously drove me around for a day in Donagh and Errigal Trough Parishes, including a side trip into Tyrone for a pint. Plunkett plans to develop his own web pages. Met some McGeough's in Emyvale and enjoyed a pub evening with the McGeough and McKenna families. I spent long hours each day reading local historical resources.

Old Errigal Churchyard
Donagh Church Yard
Old Donagh Church Yard
Cypress Trees and Snowbells.
My travel this year was hampered by a broken wrist. It slowed me down for just several hours fortunately. Some photographs in Monaghan were ruined when I got stuck in the muck. The wellies stayed in the muck whilst I fell out! The camera survived the fall, as did I, but I did lose photos of my Floody ancestors homeplace – a gorgeous panorama.
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