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I was born . . .

in the tiny state of Rhode Island, US. I went to school in Newport, RI, attending Salve Regina University. The campus is magnificent. The original building was built in the style of a French Chateau, on the cliffs overlooking the water. . . from whence my dreams of grandeur! See some of the Newport Mansions.

I married a Naval Aviator and this presented many opportunities to travel. On one trip, I traveled throughout Europe for months with my two (at the time) children in a Volkswagon Camper. My third child, Chrissie, was born in this same camper, on the highway at rush hour. This entitled her to an award in the list of "Unusual Experiences in a Volkswagon." I feel that I should have received an award!

A lasting experience took place at the foot of The Acropolis in Greece. An elderly couple stood at the steps, and bemoaned the fact that they were too fragile to walk to the top.

Do not put off opportunities until you are too old to experience them.


In one of my lives I designed and created handwoven fabric for clothing.
This offered a travel opportunity to study weaving in Norway. Met and traveled with many grand people. I flew into the beautiful city of Bergen a white knuckle approach.

Bryggen was the home of the 12th century Hanseatic League. Visited the nearby Troldhaugen, home of Edvard Greig, and sailed the Sogne Fiord to the easternmost point then by all means of public transport to Lillehammer home of the Olympic Winter Games '94, and the city of Maihaugen, an open-air living museum. Finished this trip with a week in Oslo and to the south coast, where I pulled seine nets on the Skagerrak.

What else have I done?

I started in the "work-a-day world" as a copy editor for the Providence Journal Bulletin, worked at an advertising agency, and several defense contractors. One of my jobs was part of a training session for the DEA. This included a "mini training" session at the FBI Academy Firearms Training Unit and the simulation lab, which is now called Hogan's Alley. This day reinforced my feeling that I could never effectively shoot a gun!

What do I do now?

I edited The Umbrella , the monthly newsletter of the Hampton Roads computing community for many years; Past President and WebMaestra of The Hampton Roads Internet Association, and owner of AHD WWW Authoring and Design.

Some of my travel is virtual on the Internet, and recents visits to Ireland have inspired the following photo journals, and some photo outings.

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